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About Us

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The Society was first formed in the mid 1980's with the intention of promoting and developing the Wend/Sorb History in the Adelaide community and Australia wide. It became a South Australia Incorporated body in 1998.

What does our logo mean?

The Logo dates back to the origins of the society in the 1982. It was first known as the Australian-German Democratic Republic Friendship Society and it promoted exchanges between Australians of Wendish descent and Sorbs (Wends) in the German Democratic Republic (East Germany). Hence the image of the shaking of hands. The leaves represent the Linden tree, which is the floral emblem of the Sorbs (Wends). With the German reunification in 1990, our society was renamed the Australia-Lusatian Society. Finally in 1998 it became the Wend/Sorb Society of South Australia, its present name.
[Linden tree]

The Linden Tree:

In old Slavic mythology, the linden (lipa, as called in all Slavic languages) was considered a sacred tree. Particularly in Poland, many villages have a name "Swieta Lipka" (or similar), which literally means "Holy Lime". With a heart-shaped leaf, it is very recognisable. To this day, the tree is a national emblem of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Lusatia. (ref: wikipedia.org).


a) to maintain friendship, understanding, cultural and other exchanges between Australia and the Lusatian region of Germany;

b) to develop and strengthen cultural and friendship links between people of Wend/Sorb heritage, both in Australia and other countries;

c) to assist Australians of Wend/Sorb heritage to have a greater knowledge of their culture and heritage;

d) to assist local communities to identify and preserve significant local sites, structures and artefacts relating to Wend/Sorb history in South Australia;

e) to represent the interests of members of the Society to government, other organisations and multicultural groups in South Australia.